Decision Making in Cell Collectives

Research at GEM aims at understanding the processes of decision-making in cell collectives that are responsible for the generation, maintenance and evolution of organ form and function.

It is with great sadness that we inform that the former director of our DMC2 Maria de Maeztu unit, Jose Luis Gomez-Skarmeta, passed away. He was a marvellous colleague and human being. He was one of the CABD’s founding members and one key player in making it a unit of excellence in Spain. Jose Luis is greatly missed. Fernando Casares is now the director of this unit. Fernando and everyone in the Maria de Maeztu Unit is working hard to keep his legacy alive!

In Memoriam of Jose Luis Gomez Skarmeta was celebrated on October 27th, if you want to check the full ceremony and/or the individual interventions from Juan Modelell, Hector Escriva, Neil Shubin, Peter Holland, Carmen Feijoo, Jose Felix de Celis, Manu Irimia, Angela Nieto, Miguel Manzanares and Ryan Lister, check here!







Obituary in Nature Genetics, IZFS and  Development

Tribute from colleagues and friends from CABD in ‘El Pais’:

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