Decision Making in Cell Collectives

Research at GEM aims at understanding the processes of decision-making in cell collectives that are responsible for the generation, maintenance and evolution of organ form and function.

DMC2 Launching Meeting, 5-6 April 2018, Carmona (Seville)


The purpose of Decision Making in Cell Collectives Launching Meeting was the inauguration of the María de Maeztu Unit of Excellence by bringing together world top scientists and Principal Investigators from the CABD.


Session topics included research being carried out by Keynote speakers (such as Sally Horne-Badovinac, Franck Pichaud, Matthias Lutolf, Ana Pombo, Julie Ahringer and Miguel Torres) and CABD groups, ranging from morphogenesis of complex organs and tissues to functional genomics in development and evolution.

Participants of the DMC2 launching meeting 2018

For more information about the meeting, check our blog post clicking on this link:

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